Guided Intuitive Art

I am so glad you’re here! Thank you for your interest in taking an online course with me where I will:
  • guide you with easy techniques
  • encourage you to let go
  • invite you to experiment.
My goal is to help you relax, enjoy the process and create something that's uniquely YOU

How does an online camp work?

  • You will receive an email every day for the duration of the course with a link to the techniques being taught that day. 
  • As the course progresses, you will build on skills you learned on the previous day(s).
  • There will be optional assignments at the end of each day.
  • Each course will also have a chat feature for discussions /Q&As as well as a private Facebook Group where you can upload your work, see other students' creations and hang out with me! 
  • While each camp has a "start date" you can do the course at your own pace anytime after the course goes live. 

Making Magic with a Gel Plate

Monoprinting, also known as gelli printing, is easy, fun, relaxing and oh-so-addictive. Join me on this adventure. Let's explore, discover and create together!
Monoprinting Bonanza

Monoprinting Made Easy

We will learn how to make colorful backgrounds many different ways and learn some basics of layering and pattern-making.

Advanced Monoprinting Techniques

Looking for complex layers that come together in stunning prints, unified as a whole? You're in for a treat!

Monoprinting with Botanicals

Leaves, flowers, petals, even vegetables! We'll be using Nature's bountiful creations to create some exquisite monoprints!

Portrait Printing

Even if you don’t know how to make portraits, by the end of this course you’ll be creating beautiful faces with lots of character. 

Non-Traditional Watercoloring

Learn how to use watercolor pencils, distress inks and markers to get beautiful watercolor effects without the mess.
View course Coming soon

Art Journaling

A therapeutic outlet to express your feelings in a safe space. 
View course Coming soon


Mansi, I want to sincerely THANK YOU for your wonderful course. I have never used a gel plate before and am now bursting with ideas. I tried using my 12X12 plate last night and had a blast. I  have had it sitting in my stash for years and never had the confidence to get it out. You have inspired me and taught me some wonderful techniques and I am so very grateful. Love your teaching style.
Theresa Marla Watamaniuk
Mansi: thank you for your wonderful course. I loved it and learned so much. I can't wait for the next course and I am anxious to get back to the Gelli plate to experiment some more. So thank you, thank you, thank you. I have had my Gelli plate for over 5 years and have not been inspired to use it....until your course!
Cara Letho
Thank you!!  I picked up a journal from Michael’s  after your class because I was so excited to paste these monoprint pieces in and play with them. What a wonderful morning! After raving about my learning experience today, I’ve had several moms mention their interest in trying Monoprinting.
Tina Rajaa
My daughter is inspired after her Monoprinting summer camp with you and has already started on some projects!
Yen Le
Thank you so much for hosting Monoprinting with my Mini-Me for our girls.  We had a great time and are enjoying all of our creations.
Gretchen Slayer
There is so much to learn from Mansi besides ART. The way she deals with kids, teaches, prioritizes stuff and the awesome planning & execution!!
Priya Bansal
My son and I really loved learning to monoprint with you. I just found the paints at Michael’s so we’ll be printing soon! I will definitely keep your unique company in mind both for artists and gift givers. 
Bonnie Laflamme

About Mansi

Mansi is a self-taught abstract artist from Los Altos. She has had her art exhibited at various local cafes and restaurants, the town's library and retail stores. She has led workshops for seniors as well as preschoolers and no matter the audience, her focus is on free-spirited creations. She wants her students to feel the rush that comes from experimenting with different media, using colors as a way to express themselves; crafting with their hands and guided by their hearts.