Advanced Monoprinting Techniques by Mansi Bhatia

Advanced Monoprinting Techniques

What's included?

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Introduction to Advanced Monoprinting
What Will I Learn?
What do I need?
What is Monoprinting?
Make your own stamps and stencils
Suggested Supplies
DIY Stamps and Stencils
14 mins
DIY Stencils with Simple Tools
12 mins
Stenciling it Out
Understanding Layering with Stencils
47 mins
Stencil Mania Continued
Layering with one stencil
10 mins
Watercolor effect with Stencils
12 mins
Stampin' It Up!
Pack a Punch!
23 mins
Bonus Video: Wrapping Paper
10 mins
Rainbow Goat Gift
882 KB
Bonus Video: Custom Wrapping Paper by a Kindergartener
Bonus Video: Using Dies as Stamps
Let's get those markers out
Let's do some scribble art!
19 mins
Tag it up!
22 mins