Monoprinting with Botanicals by Mansi Bhatia

Monoprinting with Botanicals

What's included?

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What is Botanical Monoprinting?
What will I learn?
What will I need?
Celebrating fall with botanical monoprinting
Welcome to Monoprinting With Botanicals!
Layering Basics
Herb leaves
18 mins
Leaves with thick veins
12 mins
Open those pantry doors!
Dry goods here we come
34 mins
Monoprinting with Vegetables
Let's make some roses
18 mins
No time for smoothies
8 mins
Knock! Knock!
16 mins
Multiple Layers
Playing with Layers = Playering
27 mins
Bonus Videos!
Squishy prints
11 mins
Embellishing Prints
7 mins