Monoprinting Made Easy by Mansi Bhatia

Monoprinting Made Easy

What's included?

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Let's make monoprints together
1 min
What is Monoprinting?
What will I learn?
What's in it for me?
What do I need?
It's All About Backgrounds
Supplies for Lesson 1
Backgrounds 101
7 mins
Small but mighty
Supplies for Lesson 2
Small But Mighty
17 mins
Not just acrylics!
Supplies for Lesson 3
A Variety of Media
13 mins
Pattern Play
Supplies for Lesson 4
Pattern Play
33 mins
Pattern Showcase
5 mins
Day 5: Recap
Additional Supplies List
Now what do I do with ALL the prints?
6 mins
Bonus Video: Make fashion accessories
Bonus Video: Collage Painting with a Gel Plate
Bonus Video: Journal Printing
Bonus Video: DIY Coasters
Bonus Video: DIY Home Decor
Bonus Video: Mixed Media Collage Home Decor